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Prayer at the Dedication:

We gather together this morning to name and dedicate our beloved church  - later,  parish hall - as our new mission center – a building set aside to welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, hear the voiceless, care for the suffering, and stand with the oppressed.  May we share our faith with those who are searching and afraid.  And may we always see all who enter these doors as our brothers and sisters.

We have named the new mission center after our teacher and friend, Keith Coppage – who has set for us all an example of compassion, dedication and joy as he reaches out to the many young people whom he has taught, mentored, and loved, and for whom he has advocated both at Mt. Diablo and at St. Michael’s.   He has taken to heart to the admonition to welcome the stranger and offer hospitality (you never know when you may entertain angels!).  And through his love, compassion and passion for justice, he has changed the face of St. Michael’s.

God surrounded by glory:
You notice the people we walk past, and  
journey with them wherever they are  going.
You speak out for the voiceless     
and try to open our ears to their cries.

Jesus, Healer of the hopeless, converser with the outsider:
In you, faith and works walk hand in hand down the streets of the kingdom.
In you, the have-a-lots and the have-nothings
find themselves sitting side by side at your table, passing grace to one another.
In you those with good names and those with no names are called by one name: Beloved.

Spirit of Compassion:
Sow justice in our hearts that the poor might find in us a friend;
Sow peace in our spirits, that the angry might find in us a sea of hope;        
Sow generosity in our hands, that the hungry might find in us their daily bread.

St Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church

On Sunday, October 1, 2017, Rev. Amanda rededicated St Michael's Parish Hall, renaming it the Keith Coppage Mission Center. 

As Keith celebrates his 30th year teaching at Mount Diablo high school, it seems like this was the right time to honor him.  He has worn many hats during his time at St Michaels.  He has served as musician, Senior Warden, Junior Warden and sometimes facilities manager.  Beyond that, his ministry with The Grant Street Players has been a such a blessing both to the people of St Michaels and the people of St John's.  The kids (young adults) have brought so much life to our church as they share their time, treasure and musical and dramatic talents.  They have become a vital part of our worship and our community life.  The fact that they are always ready to lend a hand with light hanging, gutter cleaning, pew moving and myriad other things to keep our church plant going is the icing on the cake.

Keith Coppage Mission Center