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Support a Living Wage in California

This is from the Multi-Faith Action coalition invites us to join them in support of raising the minimum wage in California to $15 by 2020. Higher wages mean improved health and quality of life for workers and their children and lower costs for safety net programs. The current wage of $10 per hour amounts to $20,800 per year, and is below the California poverty level.

The measure also provides for annual paid sick leave to increase from 3 days to 6 and applies this provision to in-home support services providers.

About 1/3 of the workforce in Contra Costa County will benefit from the wage increase. 94% of workers who will benefit are in their 20's and 30's, and about 1/3 of these workers have children.

Cindy Molander (St. John's) is working with other faith leaders in the Multi-faith Action Coalition to gather signatures to get the measure onto our ballot in November. She'll be at each Holy Spirit Church in the coming weeks. She has information about the projected costs and benefits for business and an FAQ sheet.

Mount Diablo School District's HOPE (Homeless Outreach Program for Education)

​This year, Holy Spirit Church is supporting the Mount Diablo School District's HOPE (Homeless Outreach Program for Education) Project and the Foster Youth Outreach.  

Our main focus is to provide Christmas gifts for the students, but continue to look at ways to help them throughout the year.
If you would like to contribute by check, please make your check out to St Michaels and indicate it is for the HOPE Mt. Diablo program.  We need to have all gifts in before December 15.

Growing Hope - Food for Body and Soul

This program is a joint effort of all four of our Holy Spirit Churches.  We keep  both summer and winter gardens in bloom in an ecologically responsible manner on the church properties at St Michael's Concord and St. John's Clayton.  The St. Alban's and St. George's congregations grow food in their own home gardens.  


Outreach Opportunities

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